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Safety Gloves Supplier in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, Dammam, Jeddah - Rakme-Safety

Safety Gloves Supplier in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, Dammam, Jeddah - Rakme-Safety

Hand injuries can be life-threatening and may impact an individual’s both personal and professional lives. Workers in mechanical and construction industries are often at higher risk of experiencing hand injuries. Therefore, it is essential to take the necessary steps and wear safety gloves to prevent the risk of hand injuries at the workplace.


Dangerous jobs that require hand protection

From eating to writing, working, and driving, there are so many activities that we perform with our hands. We use our hands for various purposes and to complete any task or activity. There are certain jobs where an individual may have to deal with hazards regularly. Wearing disposable safety gloves and hand protection becomes necessary in that case. As per the laws, the employer must provide protective gear and safety training to employees in Saudi Arabia. Ensure that the employer is providing you the right safety equipment and training you properly. Let’s break down the industries and jobs that involve working with hands and may put at higher risk:

  1. Oil and gas industry - Workers and employees working in the oil and gas industry are exposed to toxic chemicals and hazards. The most common types of injuries they often experience include burns, cuts, lacerations, fires, and explosions. Workers must wear the right pair of industry safety gloves and protective wear. It will reduce the risk of injuries and allow them to work without any hindrance.
  2. Mechanics - The workers involved in the mechanic's industry deal with various tools and equipment that increase the risk of hand injuries. It is necessary for employers in Saudi Arabia to provide them the right pair of safety gloves for cutting. The employers must also provide them proper training on how to use different equipment.
  3. Electricians - They are at a higher risk of experiencing electrical burn and shocks. Therefore, it is necessary to take necessary safety precautions and wear safety gloves. Electricians should wear rubber gloves as it will not allow the electricity to pass through them.
  4. Heavy equipment or machinery operator - Whether it is operating a jackhammer or demolition work, jobs involving heavy machinery increase the risk of hand injuries. Workers should always wear industrial safety gloves to prevent the risk of such hazards. When dealing with chemicals, an individual should wear disposable safety gloves to protect against chemicals and toxic agents.
  5. Fire and rescue workers - Firefighters need to take extra precautions, and hand protection is mandatory for them. They must wear safety gloves that are heat and fire-resistant. The gloves must be comfortable and should allow them to work in tough conditions.


Right glove for the right job

Working with hammers and tools requires different gloves and hand protection than working with chemicals requires. Therefore, it is necessary to pick the right pair of gloves for the right job. The gloves must be of the right size and comfortable enough to wear for longer periods. At Rakme Safety Solution, we supply a wide range of workwear protective clothing, and personal protective equipment. We are one of the leading safety equipment suppliers in Saudi Arabia that are known for its excellent safety equipment.

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