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Fall Protection/Arrest Equipment in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, Dammam, Jeddah - Rakme-Safety

Fall Protection/Arrest Equipment in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, Dammam, Jeddah - Rakme-Safety

There are thousands of workers who get seriously injured every day at the workplace because of a lack of safety equipment. Falls accidents are one of the conditions that could lead to dangerous injuries. Here are some of the common causes behind the occurrence of such accidents:

  • Substances like lubricant being spilled on the floor
  • Wet floor
  • Water leftover from mopping
  • Obstructions and clutter on the walkway
  • Insufficient lighting at the place
  • Missing walkways and staircase
  • Other uneven surfaces

It is important to wear the appropriate workwear protective clothing in order to stay safe in the workplace environment.

Types of Fall protection equipment

Fall accidents can lead to catastrophic injuries and even fatalities. Employers must provide a safe environment and take measures that minimize the risks of such hazards. Employers must use the following types of fall protection equipment to prevent such hazards.

  • Safety harnesses & belts - Fall protection harness is bodywear that prevents the operators from falling from a height. It will provide protection, and the worker will not fall off. Therefore, it should be worn by operators and workers working at heights.
  • Hooks & connectors - These are used for protecting the workers and operators. Employers should train employees on how to use this equipment.
  • Lanyards - These are safety equipment that meets all standards and prevent workers from reaching high-risk areas.
  • Rope access & rescue - Rescue techniques are often used in an emergency, and the workers should be trained on how they can use them.
  • Load Arrestor - Carrying loads of heavy material and machinery is a critical task. It provides protection to the workers and also reduces the risk of equipment damage.

How to prevent fall accidents?

An unprotected lift shaft, staircases, and other critical conditions can cause major fall accidents. If there were no precautions, an operator could experience severe injuries. It is one of the critical reasons why it is important to wear a fall protection harness and fall protection systems. These are some of the effective ways to reduce the chances of workers falling from heights.

  • Danger-free working conditions and appropriate facilities should be provided to the workers.
  • The floor should be clean and safe, and in other cases, a warning sign must be used.
  • Look for safety tools suppliers and purchase required fall protective equipment to reduce the risk of such hazards.
  • Provide safety training to workers and employees and guide them on how to use the fall protection equipments and workwear protective clothing.
  • Ensure that the workplace is safe and suitable for work.

It is critical to ensure that fall protection equipment or harness is stable and strong enough. These fall protection equipments should be maintained and checked on a regular basis. Remember, this equipment should be purchased from authorized safety equipment suppliers in Saudi Arabia. At Rakme Safety, we deal with a wide range of safety equipment that meets the quality standards and industry requirements. Maintain a safe and healthy environment at the workplace. You can check our range of fall protection equipment and safety products.

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