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Safety Eyewash Equipment | Eyewash Station in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, Dammam, Jeddah - Rakme-Safety

Safety Eyewash Equipment | Eyewash Station in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, Dammam, Jeddah - Rakme-Safety

Our eyes are very sensitive, and exposure to harmful chemicals can damage our vision. It can lead to various complications and can even result in blindness. After exposure to hazardous chemicals, it is necessary for workers to use emergency eyewash immediately. Continue reading to know what is an eyewash station and how it can save your eyes.

What is Eyewash station?

An eyewash station is an emergency portable or permanent safety shower station that provides protection against chemical-related eye injuries. While face shields and goggles will protect eyes while working. A portable eyewash station will allow workers to rinse the eyes to ensure the chemicals don’t splash in the eye. It is often used in labs and is essential equipment for every workplace in Saudi Arabia. This eye protection equipment aims at reducing workplace injury. It is better to take precautions and safety measures. Investing in portable eyewash will keep workers away from hazardous substances and protect their eyes.

Importance of having eyewash station

When someone gets chemicals or foreign particles in their eyes, it is extremely important to clean that within a few seconds. In these cases, eyewash safety products are crucial. If these are not present at the job site, somebody will go outside which will take time. Even a slight delay may lead to a serious eye injury and even loss of sight. Fortunately, there are portable eyewash stations, designed to assist in such circumstances.

An effective portable eyewash station must have the following:

  • Clear and pure water content
  • Ability to be operated without hands
  • Quick and simple that one can operate in any location
  • Visible signs
  • Constant water flow for as long as 15-20 minutes

In case a worker experiences a mishap, eyewash must be present at the job site. It will allow them to clean the eyes within seconds of the injury occurring. One must ensure that these stations are placed at the right place and every worker can use them comfortably. Apart from this, the employers must ensure that workers are trained and aware of how to use these stations appropriately.

Protecting Employees’ Eyes

The following steps must be taken to minimize the risk of workplace eye damages and injuries -

  • Create a safe workplace environment

Minimize the risk of potential hazards and create a safe workplace for your employees. Try to look for alternatives to harmful substances and follow all the safety measures. Use an emergency portable eyewash station to minimize the risk of eye damage.

  • Make sure employees wear proper eye protection

Ensure that employees are wearing eye protection and other workwear protective clothing. The demand for safety products will vary from industry to industry. Therefore, you should provide the right safety tools to your employees, according to the needs of your industry.

Apart from this, you must train and explain to employees the circumstances in which this equipment should be replaced. We are one of the renowned safety equipment suppliers in Saudi Arabia. Check our website to view our range of safety products.

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